There are very few musical groups in history that I can say I believe are genuinely timeless. Some names that come to mind are The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, and Journey. These are groups that wrote and recorded the soundtracks to the lives of millions of people.

That makes their music pretty priceless. Another band that deserves to be mentioned in the list of timeless artists is the one and only – Fleetwood Mac. Let’s just be honest – these guys are awesome. I literally have never met another human being that didn’t like this band, and quite frankly I don’t want to. The writing chemistry between the core band members was untouchable back in the day.


Of course, this won’t be the same without Lindsey Buckingham. He was one of the creative corner stones in the band, and I just don’t think that things will ever be the same without him. Nevertheless, I’m still stoked to see them when they play the Xcel Energy Center on October 22nd. The show starts at 8 pm and you can get a ticket online for roughly $100.

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