FOLEY -- Foley has set their preliminary budget for 2023.

At the Foley city council meeting Tuesday night, the council approved a $2.1 million budget with a proposed tax levy of just over $1.2 million.

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The budget breakdown is as follows:

  • General Fund: $1,657,440.00
  • Fire Department: $88,700.00
  • Swimming Pool: $15,850.00
  • 2020 Refunding (2015 & 2011) Improvement Bond: $252,000.00
  • 2015 Improvement Bond: $34,000
  • EDA Fund: $91,556.00

With a total budget of $2,139,546 and an expected Local Government Aid payment from the state of $859,897, the proposed tax levy is $1,279,649.

While this levy is an increase of over 14%, administrators are quick to note that the total city tax capacity has increased by 22%, and the city is expecting an increase in local government aid of over $23,000. Pictures

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