Fried foods. We love them. Are they good for us? No, but who cares. If you can fry it, we'll probably eat it.

A big reason we go to the Minnesota State Fair, or any fair, is to indulge on those cholesterol giving treats.

A recent survey asked people what fried food they would want to try at a state fair. From bacon (yum), to butter (gross), here are the top ten.

Jeffrey Phelps / Stringer via Getty Images
Jeffrey Phelps / Stringer via Getty Images
  • 1.  Bacon, 47% would try it.
    2.  Ice cream, 46%.
    3.  Apple pie, 45%.
    4.  Cookies, 42%.
    5.  Banana, 38%.
    6.  Cheesecake, 37%.
    7.  Candy bars, 36%.
    8.  Pickles, 35%.
    9.  Butter, 16%.
    10.  Soda, 15%.