Time is running out. And we’re not only talking about time in general, like how seconds tick on the clock. There is also that moment in time, that brief period where we should try to capture it, and hang on to it before it's gone forever. Because before you know it, your kids have grown, and then they leave the house, and all you're left with is memories of it -- hopefully.

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Seasonal changes can trigger that thought of living in the moment. And transitioning from fall to winter is one of those moments to try and capture. So take advantage of it by enjoying some outdoor activities with your kids while you still can.

Explore Minnesota always does a great job of letting us Minnesotans know (or reminding us) about some great things we do at any time of the year. They have eight things you might want to check out right now before fall is done. Here are a few.


Fall is a great time to take a road trip. And because it's fall, you get to see the beautiful colors, plus it’s good to just hit the road and take it where it leads you. Maybe you’ll see things you haven’t yet. My family and I did that frequently when we lived in Colorado for a while. Those road trips rarely disappointed.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Many things weren’t able to do during the COVID season were because they were either shutdown complete or had very limited openings. Outdoor activities suffered the least. And who knows what the future holds. So go pick apples, walk through a bunch of corn, or go get a pumpkin, just get outside and enjoy the moment with your family, before it's gone.

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