ST. CLOUD -- As many of us bunker down for the chilling temperatures of winter, a local non-profit is giving dogs a place to go to avoid cabin fever.

Grey Face Rescue plans to open a new indoor dog park December 1st.

Founder Bethie Gondeck says owners can rent out half hour sessions to come use the park in a private and controlled setting.

Households will be able to come and rent out half hour increments to the dog park. We also plan to have group rates, birthday parties, puppy hour and a social hour with older dogs.

Gondeck says they have a few finishing touches, including adding the flooring and signage, before they start taking reservations.

She says once the park opens, it will be a great opportunity for dogs to stretch their legs and get some exercise during the winter months.

We see a increase in dogs coming into the rescue cause they start getting restless in homes. They want to burn off energy and when they are inside because it's too cold, then you see some behavioral issues coming about.

Grey Face Rescue is holding a Grand Opening event Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for dog owners to check out the park.

The event goes along with Give to the Max Day, a collaborative community effort to support non-profits statewide.