The last thing anybody wants to see in-flight, is a guy trying to open the door. This guy gets escorted off the plane in Minneapolis after trying to do just that.

The American Airlines flight was going from Los Angeles to Minneapolis on Saturday when a man decided to try to open the side door while the plane was in the air! He was obviously unsuccessful in getting the door open, but if there's 1 way to tick off every passenger on the plane, it's by trying to do that.

The video above is the police escorting the passenger off the plane after it landed in Minneapolis. He is pretty calm about it, but you can tell the rest of the passengers would love to see him get a good ole butt-whooping!

For the record, it's nearly impossible to open a door while in the air. it would take super human strength to power through the pressure of the sealed door. Here's the scientific reason why you can't:

This seems to be the latest trend for getting attention on an airplane. It's the 2nd time in a couple weeks a passenger has tried to open the airplane door. It might be time for the flight attendants to add this bit of information to their pre-flight instructions!

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