Hair Ball is coming to the St Cloud at the end of November. If you haven't experienced Hair Ball before you are missing out. Their show will for sure to catch your attention.

Hair Ball is very upbeat and you also feel like you are seeing your favorite 80’s bands live in concert.  Usually, at concerts I start feeling a little bored when bands play songs I don’t know, but Hairball plays all very well known songs that are fun to sing along with. They have some fun guitar and drum solos too.


The 4 times I have seen them live they did not disappoint. The lights are awesome plus they do pyrotechnics to add more flare to their overall performance. It keeps you at the of your seat actually, I take that back, you will not be sitting down.  It’s crazy how fast they changed costumes and switched their gear. It’s a fantastic show you won’t want to miss.

Hairball Facebook
Hairball Facebook

The show is at St Cloud River's Edge Convention Center Saturday November 30th. It's a 21+ show. Tickets are only $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Doors open at 6pm and show starts at 7pm.

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