Many kids dream of being a police officer when they grow up. As long as you have a minimum 2-year degree, in any subject, you can apply to be a Minnesota State Trooper right now.

There's a program available to those with a 2-year or 4-year degree, that doesn't even have to be in law enforcement, called "LETO" and it's giving Minnesotans the opportunity to apply to become a State Trooper immediately.

I've never thought to ask the couple MN State Trooper friends I know, what made them decide they wanted to pursue that line of work, and what it took to become a trooper. This video shows you exactly what to expect.

All troopers go through the academy, which looks to be straight out of military boot camp, with drill sergeants and all. It's not for everybody, but the best survive and get to the next level of being closer to becoming a Minnesota State Patrol officer.

According to KSTP, the Minnesota State Patrol has opened up accepting applications in hopes of bringing in a completely new pool of candidates. They're looking into expanding their diversity within the agency and preparing for the future.

This is great news for those who are college educated, and looking for a career change no matter what their field of study was in.

I used to think that troopers have a cushy job, just driving around all day and bothering people. Having trooper friends, and hearing what each day can bring them, the level of respect for the job they do is high for me. This is surely an exciting and rewarding career thought, without a doubt!


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