I was scrolling through Instagram last night during the breaks on Thursday Night Football when I came across this Instagram post from Destination Duluth that gave me pause. It's a billboard for a 'junk hunt', my inner 7-year-old busted a gut laughing just on the title alone, but after I went to their website I just might try to take some time and check it out, if I can.

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According to their website, the Duluth Junk Hunt is "a three-day indoor market that happens every spring and fall in beautiful Duluth, MN. Hand-picked vendors come from all over the state of Minnesota"


The show, which began in 2012, has continued to grow and grow, and this year they are taking over the DECC, Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center, which if they manage to outgrow that...WOW. The show is one of those shows that promises to offer a few raised eyebrows and knowing looks from those who attend, and I'm sure you'll also hear some exciting shouts with people finding that "thing" they have been looking for, for years!

I like how the show described what someone might find at the Junk Hunt "vintage, antique, repurposed, shabby chic, retro, industrial, one-of-a-kind finds"

This would be a place, where if left to my own devices, it could be expensive as I have a secret PEZ dispenser collection so if you are like me, you'll probably want to attend with someone who can talk you down from those 'got to have' purchases.

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