Kelly Cordes


I was at a gas station the other night waiting to grab a couple of extra cheese pizzas for my sons, and while I was waiting, I was perusing the store and saw this new bag of chips called PopCorners. At first glance, I was thinking the new chip must be a take-off of Dorito's, as these new snacks are shaped like triangles, just like my favorite nacho cheese chip; but they are completely different other than the shape.

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Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes

I decided to buy a bag, just for the heck of it. Why not. I grabbed my pizza's, and my new bag of chips and headed home.

Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes


Once I got home, I started reading the bag. "One Better For Farms & Schools- Find out how we're growing a stronger connection between farms and schools." was the website listed under the statement. Unfortunately, is NOT correct. The correct site is Farm2Future is a facility that looks at building a better, more sustainable future, always looking for ways to made production facilities, and focusing on creating new ways to think about food production.


If I gave this chip a review, I would say the taste was exactly as described; it was light, slightly sweet, and salty all at the same time. The chip was tasty and fresh.

I did look for their website that's listed on the bag and it's also not available yet. It says "Coming Soon."

Trying to find more information, I decided to turn to their Facebook page and read the reviews that were left there.

Overall, the  PopCorners have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating based on those that left reviews, but thoughts were definitely mixed. Most of the reviews were raving. One reported them as "Absolutely delicious and addictive", so much that they wanted them so badly they ordered them from Amazon.  Unfortunately, the bag from Amazon had a hole in it, so the bag was stale.

Another person said that they were halfway through the bag when they discovered that the chips had mold on them. The expiration date was May of 2022 and was hoping that they wouldn't get sick. The company did respond, offering coupons for new bags and an apology for the bad experience.

Most of the reviews were positive. If you see them on the shelf and decide to try them for yourself, please let me know what you think, and what flavors you think would be even better to add to their lineup. Send your thoughts to or



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