Sartell Police received dozens of reports last night of what sounded like an automatic weapon being fired. They were able to track down what it was, and not what you'd think.

When you live in Sartell, you don't hear the sound of gun shots very often. Last night, on the other hand, police received multiple calls from worried citizens about that sounded like multiple gun shots all throughout town.

Turns out they were not shots (thankfully!) but rather a modified car exhaust that was backfiring, and being done intentionally. Not cool, period.

There were reports of the sound of gun shots all around Sartell - from Walmart all the way through town and along Riverside Avenue.

After the horrible mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night, people are scared, which is human nature. Intentionally ringing sounds of [what sounds like] gun fire at night to scare people is just mentally ill in my opinion.

I live in Sartell, not far from Riverside Avenue, and thankfully didn't hear this. You can bet it would have kept me awake for a while wondering the worst. We appreciate Sartell PD jumping on this and posting a Facebook update on what it was.

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