I've lived in different parts of the country and have traveled to almost every state. I've seen how people do things differently. Or in this case, don't do things...I guess.

Minnesotans don't...

Follow The Speed Limit.

We are some fast drivers. We can be some really slow drivers as well. If you drive the posted speed, you get passed like you're in a NASCAR race. You go 5 to 10 miles over the posted speed -- yep, you get passed like you're in a Nascar race.

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Minnesotans don't...

Shutup About Fishing

I like fishing and I like talking about it -- well, a little bit. But many Minnesotans could talk about bait, lures, best spots for fishing, and catching (and losing) the big one -- for hours a day -- every day. And there's ice fishing.

Mikael Damkier


Minnesotans don't...

Stop Complaining About The Heat

Seriously, pick any day during the summer, and I'll bet someone has mentioned something about the heat or humidity. I've been guilty of this occasionally. I've complained when the humidity gets really high and I sweat like a rock star. I'm not a fan of it -- so give me a fan, or a lake to jump into.

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Minnesotans don't...

Let You Come to the House Without Offering You a Beer

Minnesotans are very hospitable, and we love to drink. That's just a fact. Alcohol keeps us warm in the winter and cool the summer. At least we think we are 'cool' after having a few. AM I RIGHT?!?!

And speaking of alcohol...

Minnesotans don't...

Do Anything Without Alcohol Involved

Name it. Sporting events (in-person or not), weddings, standing around a campfire (because why not), baby showers, and funerals (yes, funerals). I am not proclaiming any innocence here, I just know, it's a fact.

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Minnesotans don't...

Speak to People Directly

It's the passive/aggressive mentality that our state is literally famous for. Instead of being direct and saying what's on our minds, we 'beat around the bush' or 'tiptoe around the topic'. l love many things about our state, this is one I wish would change. If you have to say something, then say it. You can still be 'Minnesota Nice' when doing it.


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