It's been a week since my wife and I returned from our Europe trip, and we've been doing a lot of reminiscing.

I asked Katie the other night, "If we could go back to one country -- if someone was paying to send us there next week -- where would you want to return to?" Paris, was her answer. "Where would you want to go back?" she asked me.


Adam Rozanas
Adam Rozanas

Iceland was absolutely incredible. For such a tiny island/country, there was so much to see and do, and even though we managed to see and do everything we hoped to in the short time we had, we left knowing there's so much more we could have done.

I don't know if or when we'll make it back, but I'm hoping we do. Until then, I'm re-living every moment through photos and video.

Here's a timelapse of what driving in Iceland looks like.


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