I'm not the type of person to stock pile massive amounts of groceries during COVID-19; A. because I don't have the space and B. because things would go bad faster than we could eat them. But, since

I've used this service before, like when I was 8 months pregnant and could barley walk. I've read so many comments online about stores being out of supplies, etc. So, I admit, I was a little freaked out about whether I'd be able to get my weekly supplies.

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I placed my order on Sunday, and quickly noticed the soonest my groceries could be delivered would be Wednesday morning. It wasn't bad though because we weren't totally out of anything yet, so I decided to go through with my order.

It was estimated that my groceries would be delivered sometime between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. I figured it would probably be on the later end since they're so busy. But, to my surprise, my groceries arrived by 10:30 a.m.

The delivery driver rang my door bell after he'd already brought the groceries to my door. Their new policy is that they will not enter your home for your protection and their's during COVID-19.

i quickly brought my groceries inside the house (sprayed them with Lysol because I'm a germaphobe) and started to take inventory. I figured most of the things on my list would be absent due to popular demand. But, to my surprise everything on my grocery list was fulfilled...even my 18 count eggs. Apparently many people are experiencing egg shortages around town.

I was so pleasantly surprised with my grocery experience today, it's definitely helped me calm down and stop worrying about food shortages. Thanks for a great experience today, Coborn's. Let's all keep our business local.


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