If you see trick-or-treaters with teal pumpkins or on your neighbor's front steps this year, it's not just a festive decoration. Blue pumpkins have taken on a new meaning for trick-or-treaters.

Kids who knock on your door with teal pumpkins are subtly letting you know they have a food allergy of some kind.

Neighbors who have a teal pumpkin on their door steps or in their windows are letting trick-or-treaters know they have non-food treats for the kiddos, especially the ones with allergies.

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It's called The Teal Pumpkin Project. In fact, there's a website where you can register your home on a map letting parents of kids with allergies know where they can trick-or-treat safely.

According to the website, "The Teal Pumpkin Project is a simple way to make trick-or-treating safer and more inclusive for the one in 13 children living with food allergies, and many others impacted by intolerances and other conditions."

Some common allergens found in Halloween candy and treats include but are not limited to; milk, egg, peanut, soy, wheat and tree nut.

If you plan on passing out both candy and special trinkets and toys for the trick-or-treaters with allergies, make sure to keep the two products separated in different bowls. It's important to not mix the two in case of contamination.

Let's help each other all have the best Halloween ever! If you plan on having inclusive non-food toys/trinkets for kids, feel free to add your home to the map.


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