For many of us, our daily life is a mess with no routine. Here's the 'ideal' routine according to experts, and I think it's a little off. Let's see what you think...

We live in Minnesota, and as much as having the same weekday routine would be nice, we have to adjust it based on the seasons. We're outside more in the warm months, and inside when it's cold. During the winter it gets dark by 5pm, so outdoor activities are limited and we adjust to it. We live by the weather here, not by the clock so much.

According to Express, we SHOULD live by the clock, no matter what, if we want the ultimate lifestyle. They surveyed 1,000 active lifestyle people about their ideal times to do things each weekday, and here's what they came up based on those results.

6:45am - Wake up and get your running shoes on.
7:00am - Get a short 15-minute run in. (Who runs for only 15 minutes??)
7:15am - Eat your breakfast.
7:30am - Hop in bed and have sex. (Love it, but you're all sweaty from your run!)
9:45am - Focus in at work since you mentally peak 3-hours after you wake up.
10:45am - Take a work break. (Really? You've been doing actual work for an hour!)
12:15pm - Have a lunch break. (Eating almost 5-hours after sex would kill me)
3:30pm - Eat a snack.
6:00pm - Eat dinner and enjoy a cocktail. (That sounds great to me!)
6:30pm - Exercise. (Wait, I just ate and had a drink!)
10:10pm - Go to bed since it takes about 30 minutes to fall deep asleep, giving you a full 8-hours.

Keep in mind that when you ask 1,000 people, you'll get a thousand different scenarios. I can't understand why anybody would workout after eating and drinking, and would happily workout 1st. The morning sex thought is cool though, but certainly not after a morning run. Swap that with the 15-minute run and eating breakfast - then I think this list is pretty much right on!

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