I love ranch dressing. Actually my whole family loves ranch dressing. Whether we are enjoying hot wings, salads or even dipping our pizza in it. We can't seem to get enough. And, if you can’t live without your ranch like my family, now you can buy a 5 liter keg of ranch dressing. Never have the fear of running out again.

A keg you heard right. Seems a bit excessive but for some people it would be ideal.

Hidden Valley has brought you what you’ve been waiting for years. An entire keg filled with Ranch dressing.

Hidden Valley is one of the most beloved Ranch dressing brands, and it has unveiled its Hidden Valley keg. And for the first time in years, customers get the chance to buy an entire Ranch keg.

You might start wondering why you this much Ranch. Ranch can be used on everything from pizza, fries, salad, wings and the list goes on. This Hidden Valley Ranch Keg would have you and your family covered for at least a year. Depending on how often you use it.

Also, you don’t need t worry about the freshness or whether the Ranch is safe for consumption. The inside coating of the container is FDA certified. This guarantees you the Ranch taste fresh for the whole year.

The keg only costs $50, and you can have the dressing of your dream. Hidden Valley keg carries five liters of the dressing, the demand for this product is growing. The keg is 9 by 6 inches. This size allows you to store it in your fridge. It’s a perfect gag gift for that ranch lover in your life.


Hidden Valley is known to introduce some hilarious Ranch products. One of the products that stand out is the ranch fountain. It has three tiers of creamy delight, and you can dip your veggies, fingers, and toast points in it. Perfect for your next party or get together.
With a Hidden Valley keg, you won’t ever worry about running out of ranch. Whew what a relief.

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