Those hilarious captioned pictures, called 'memes', are all over social media. Somebody made it into a game and it's guaranteed to make your party a blast.

It's a MEME world right now, with a picture and caption for nearly everything. You can't cruise Facebook without seeing a meme as a post or response, and most of them give you a chuckle. It was only a matter of time before somebody thought up a game using memes.

My wife ran across this game a couple weeks ago as we planned our Thanksgiving day fun with family. We took a look at it before-hand to make sure we understood how to play it, and glad we did!

The game is pretty simple to explain, which isn't the issue. The biggest thing you need to know is that there are some pretty vulgar "caption" cards in the deck that would even make a sailor blush.

Knowing we had plans to play with some of our elders, we decided to pull out the vulgar cards and hide them off to the side for when it was much safer to put into play. Doing that made it a game that adults AND kids could play!

So here's the basics on how it's played...

  • You have meme picture cards, and meme caption cards. Each person gets a chance to be a judge, and that round's judge chooses a picture card to use for that round.
  • Each of the other players always has 7 caption cards, in which they choose 1 of them that goes best with the judge's picture card on display.
  • The judge takes each player's caption card and decides which one they like best for the displayed picture, and that player gets the picture card - which represents 1 point.
  • 1 new caption card is given to each player (so they all have 7 again) and the next person clockwise then becomes the judge, and the game continues on until you decide to be done playing.
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This is one of those games you can see playing a dozen times, then passing it on to somebody new. There's a lot of picture cards, and caption cards, but that only goes so far before you've seen all of them before. Granted, there's a hundred thousand possible combinations you can make, but I'd probably only play it a dozen times in reality.

We had a blast playing this game for about 2 hours though, and it really made our evening fun. We're looking forward to having friends over to play with the complete caption card deck, and definitely no kids allowed...

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