A new video by comedian Joey Thompson and film director Sean Russel Herman pokes fun at "up and coming" cities...like St. Cloud.

The video, titled "People From 'Up and Coming' Cities" pokes fun at all the stereotypes and clichés of a town excitedly outgrowing its small town vibes but not yet considered big town. Comedian Joey Thompson and director Sean Russel Herman play members of a planning committee of a mid-size up-and-coming city, walking through all of the new developments they may -- or may not, actually -- know anything about.

"That mill is going to be apartments," Joey says, pointing to a building in the background of an unnamed city. "Brewery, actually," Sean corrects him.

"So, that crane is building a brewery..." Joey says later on in the video.

"...and this one over here," Sean adds, pointing at another crane.

"...is going to be a hotel."

"Well, it's going to be a microbrewery underneath," Sean clarifies.

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Astutely aware of "up-and-coming" city clichés, the pair also boast about their growing city's "big city" retailers. "This building right here is going to be a Trader Joes," Sean says, pointing to a building behind him.

"No, no it's a Whole Foods," Joey corrects him.

"No, Whole Foods is going across the street," Sean argues.

"Are we getting both?" Joey asks excitedly.

"Yeah, surprise! Happy Birthday! Lots of opportunities here."

Other jokes throughout the video include the town's "one tourist attraction" (a bridge), gentrification ("Don't say that...we're 'rebuilding for the future'"), rooftop bars, Segways, coffee ("You can tell we're up-and-coming cause our coffee is the same price as a beer"), community members who made it on reality TV shows, amphitheaters that no on ever performs on and breweries.

Watch the video for yourself and tell us they're not talking about St. Cloud!

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