It seems like the honeycrisp apple just came out a few years ago, but it has been 20 great years for this delicious, Minnesota-born fruit already!

The name is sexy, the taste is by far the best of any apple out there (at least in my opinion), and it simply started out as an experiment at the University of Minnesota.

According to KSTP, what we know as the "honeycrisp" apple started out in 1997 as "Test Variety 1711" after orchard owner Dennis Courtier and the U of M set out to make a better apple to help apple orchards, which were struggling at the time.

The U of M apple breeder, David Bedford, who co-founded the honeycrisp is working together once again with Courtier to discover an even BETTER apple to top the honeycrisp. They're taste testing 500 experimental apples daily, in hopes of finding the ultimate apple!

So my take on this is - you don't get better than a honeycrisp. I've liked them best since the day they came out and won't buy any other type. I'm wondering if you also feel this way?

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