Happy Chocolate Cupcake Day! Yes, it's another random holiday, but you can take advantage of it by simply guessing how many Hostess cupcakes can fit in a car.

Delish just reported that Hostess is celebrating "National Chocolate Cupcake Day" by giving you a free year of Hostess cupcakes if you can guess how many would fit into a Ford Focus hatchback car.

You will need to put your guess in quick, the contest ends tomorrow (October 19, 2017).

To enter, tweet your guess with #BuckleYourSweetBelt before 2pm CST on Thursday. Current guesses range from 1,000 to 120,000 so far.

My guess is 1053 cupcakes, which is probably very low compared to people guessing over 100,000 (which seems extreme!) but I'm sticking with my guess. For the record, I've never been good at guessing how many jellybeans are in a jar, so I'm likely WAY off with this.

By the way, since it IS National Chocolate Cupcake day, you may be looking to make some. Here's a great recipe for making some tasty cupcakes!

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