UNDATED -- Renters beware, a new housing scam is popping up on Craigslist.

The scammer will take ads from realtors of homes that are for sale and post them at a lower price as a rental property.

Dan Hendrickson is with the Better Business Bureau. He says with the housing market at a competitive rate right now, scammers are taking full advantage.

"The scammers know it's a resource for many people and if they put a good looking ad out there, very likely they will get some phone calls. If someone is desperate enough they might be convinced to turn over a down payment or first month's rent."


Hendrickson says the scam is geared more toward millennials and typically show up during the fall and spring. He says when selling or renting there are several red flags to look for.

"Bad grammar, poor spelling, things like this can tell you you might be dealing with someone overseas who has stolen some images and created their own ad to lure victims in."

A St. Paul couple trying to sell their home are the latest to be involved in this scam.

Hendrickson says to make sure you do your research when looking at buying or renting a home and if you notice something suspicious on Craigslist to report it.

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