Tipping... one of those things that you HAVE to do!  Sometimes you may not feel like it, depending on how the actual service was.  I'm one of those people who will tip based upon service.  I have had so many roommates throughout the years that complain about people now tipping.  Or worse, just tipping a dollar off of a tab that included a family of 5.  But if a server is terrible, like forgetting everything, getting things wrong, or just being a bad server in general as far as attitude goes, it will be reflected in the tip.

Joerg Koch/Getty Images
Joerg Koch/Getty Images

When it comes to bar drinks, I generally will tip a dollar per drink.  Like if I buy 3 drinks at one time, because it was my turn to buy a round, I will tip 3 dollars.  I know people who will tip only a dollar regardless of whether they are buying one or more drinks.  I think that is wrong.

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But here is when it gets confusing to me.  Since the pandemic began, there has been so much more take out, curb side pick up, and things like that where you may or may not be entering a restaurant.  Or- even if you are using this service at a normal retail store- or using a shipping/delivery service.  Do you tip?  And how much?  If it's delivered, I think that is a given, you tip.  But if you are picking up your food or goods yourself, do you tip?  I mean, someone did have to bag it up for you, right?  So, how much?  Standard 15-20%? More? Less? If it's a restaurant, generally you are dealing with the host/hostess and it gets a bit muddy there.  There are also tip jars set out at Starbucks and Caribou.  Do you tip off your $5 latte?  Do you tip at Cold Stone? What are the unwritten rules?  The pandemic has changed so much of this stuff.  Or has it, and we just didn't notice as much prior to this?

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Where do you draw the line when tipping?  Or, do you tip all of those people?  Like if there is a line/jar to tip do you always do that, and if so, how much?  Loose change?

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