Nikki Sixx discussed how he talked Tommy Lee into reuniting Motley Crue after their famous “cessation of touring” announcement.

In 2014, the four members publicly signed a deal agreeing that they’d never hit the road together again following one final trek. But that changed when the Stadium Tour concept was suggested. They confirmed their intention to return in 2019 and recently completed a run of 36 large-scale shows with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett. More will take place in 2023.

“Tommy does other stuff, and I do other stuff, and I remember getting the phone call from management, and I was like, ‘No,’” Sixx told ET Online in a recent interview. “And they go, ‘You haven’t even heard what I have to say.’” The idea of another arena tour felt like “a lot of work” and didn’t interest him. “[A]nd then they were like, ‘No, not eight arenas, eight stadiums,’ and I was like, ‘Let me call Tommy.’”

He continued: “I was like, ‘Hey, dude, they’re talking about us touring,’ and he’s like, ‘No.’ Because we wanted to … stand by what we said … [T]hen it was 16 and 36 [shows] … and there’s, what, another 120 next year and the year after that; so, we’re grateful we said yes.”

Lee asserted: “We were done,” noting the band's plans to stay off the road. But he admitted the idea appealed to him instantly, saying: “How can you say no to stadiums? … It’s some pretty crazy stuff, man.” Referring to Crue’s 41-year history, he added: “[N]ame a band who’s got the same original members that’s been doing it this long — good luck.”

In the same interview, Lee said he was happy that ex-wife Pamela Anderson had told her own story of their marriage in the Netflix documentary about her life — but ruled out doing the same. “No; you know what, it’s been told,” the drummer explained. “[I]t’s a weird one to even answer, but I respect her for telling her version, because the version they told was somebody else’s version, and it’s not exactly the way certain things were.”

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