ST. CLOUD -- There are hundreds of research projects happening at St. Cloud State University, and the Husky Showcase brings the best together in one place.

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Megan Robillard, Associate Director of Research and Development at SCSU helps organize the showcase to put the spotlight on the variety and diversity of research happening in St. Cloud.

There’s just some great biology research that’s happening that people may not know about and studies on diabetes. It really runs the gamut, and that’s what I think is so great.

Abdul Kahn has developed an app as part of his master’s program to help travelers avoid scams when booking vacations online. He was at the showcase to build awareness for his new program.

I'm completing my Masters right now and this was my first year project in one of my classes. My professor encouraged my to continue this project for my final year thesis.

With remote working on the rise, Claude Lee, an economics and statistics major, researched the effect remote work has had on older workers.

His research indicates older workers were more likely to retire rather than learn a new way to do business.

The more you're offering teleworking positions, it's going to push away people who can not work from home. You're losing people.

After in-person and remote presentations from more than 150 projects, both Kahn and Lee’s projects were voted into the best of show awards Tuesday.

The public presentations took place Tuesday at the Atwood Memorial Center. Nineteen projects from 33 students were awarded winners of the Husky Showcase.


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