My family and I went to the Timberwolves game on Saturday night. And though you might think 'who cares', it was a rather big night for us (well, maybe not my 17 year old son but then again everything is 'meh' to him anyway). But really, everyone in the family was looking forward to the game and finally seeing the Target Center renovations.

The reason my wife Leah and I were looking forward to this because our very first date was at Target Center back in 1997. We got married on the 21st because it was KG's number. In addition, it was our kids first time going to a Timberwolves game.

I realized that I had not been to a Wolves game since the early 2000's. A radio career can move you places. It took me away from Minnesota for a long time. I was gone from 2005 to 2018.

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During the absence. I missed things like the new TCF Bank Stadium (still haven't been), US Bank Stadium, (finally got to see pre-season game last year) and Target Field. We went to a couple games after it opened when we flew back home to visit. But it was always in the summer and nothing else was happening except for baseball.  And after seeing so many Twins games at the Metrodome, going to an outdoor game at Target Field was a big priority.

Anyway, back to Target Center. The renovations are nice. The entry way looks completely different. The seats are nicer. The scoreboard is way better than the old one. I forgot how bad the old one was until I looked up an old picture.

There's some display cases There's one for Prince and one with Championship rings (not the Wolves). A little broadcast studio and a a big gaming room to play NBA2K.

Even though the Wolves lost (again), we enjoyed ourselves and were impressed with the improved Target Center. Check out some of the photo's.

Target Center Timberwolves


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