Last summer I was sitting on my porch watching baseball when suddenly I heard a strange buzzing noise above my head. When I looked up I saw a person flying over my backyard on some sort of parachute/giant fan combo.

I wasn't able to take a photo in time but that moment stuck in my head for a long time. I had so many questions...

Where do you even buy a parachute fan? What would possess you to even try it the first time (this dude was WAY up in the sky)? How do you get it off the ground? Where does he land and how does he get home?

Last night my toddler and I were heading down Pine Cone Road in Sartell around 8:30 when my son asked me "Dad, is that guy following us?" I asked who he was talking about and he gestured up to the sky. Sure enough, parachute fan guy was BACK.

He was coasting above Walgreen's and heading east, way up in the sky. My kid was fascinated and just couldn't figure out how a fan, like the one he has in his room but much bigger, could carry a human being through the sky. Also, I don't think he'd even seen a parachutist in person before either.

Now I just want to know what this person's story is and I need answers to my previous questions. I asked my kid if he would ever consider trying it. Normally a daredevil, he replied "No daddy, I don't think it looks too safe." I had to agree with him there.


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