I have a few traditions when I go to the State Fair. I gotta get a Pronto Pup, eat some cheese curds, take a selfie with the family in front of the Grandstand, etc.

My biggest tradition, though, is one that drives my friends and family accompanying me to the fair nuts: I will drive around for a looooooong time through the neighborhoods to find a free parking spot. This is a game I am not willing to lose.

Park and Rides are cool but limiting. First you have to find one, then wait in line to get onto the shuttle. Depending on what time you want to head home, you might get stuck in a long line to get on a bus back home, too.

Parking on the Fairgrounds costs $16 which is a little steep unless you are carpooling and have people that can chip in toward the cost. For a family of four it's already going to cost $64 to get in the door so adding another $16 is not the best plan.

The enterprising individuals who live adjacent to the grounds also offer parking which seemed to range from expensive at $20 to the ridiculous price of $40 to park in some clown's front yard. As an added bonus, you get to hand this stranger your car keys for the day in case they have to move it to shoehorn in another four cars while you are gone!

Nope. None for me, thanks. I will just drive around these neighborhoods, stalking families making their way back to their cars until they leave and I win another battle with the Fair gods.

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