We've all heard it... the CDC recommends not travelling for  Thanksgiving holiday this year.  They suggest that everyone stays home and celebrates Thanksgiving with your family... the  ones that actually live with you in your own house.

This has not sat well with many people, and some plan to celebrate the holiday as normal.  This might mean some travel. If this is what you are planning to do, there are some things to keep in mind.

If  you are planning to drive to your Thanksgiving destination there are some things to consider.  Like planning ahead. Make sure your car has enough gas. Gas stations should be open, but you could be in some remote areas, and it's not something that you can count on in this strange time we are in.  Also, bring some snacks if you need to. You can't count on a restaurant being available, or sometimes some convenient stores.  They will probably be open, but better safe than sorry.

An emergency kit would probably be a good idea.  You don't want to have something  happen, that you could take care of yourself if you have the supplies.  Limiting contact in places on the way is probably a good idea.

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Make sure you bring some sanitizer and some sanitizing wipes.  That way you can make sure everything is cleaned in the case that you do need to stop and  take care of someone or pick up something.

If you are travelling by air, and flying somewhere, we all know about those protocols.  Make sure you mask up.  And keep in mind that some airlines  prefer the actual masks as opposed to a gaiter.  I flew Delta earlier this year, and the gaiter was just fine. But I have heard that some other airlines such as American and United may not allow these, or will possibly give you some grief if you aren't wearing an actual mask.  It's just easier to comply with that one. You don't want to be the reason everyone else on the plane is delayed.

The TSA has been saying that the lines are moving fairly quickly at MSP airport.  But still arrive ahead of time just in case there is an issue. Also- maybe pack your own snacks  or lunch. Again, just easier...and cheaper!

Whatever you are planning to do, stay safe and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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