During my drive to and from home and work each day, I regularly see no less than half a dozen "Guaranteed Offer" billboards for Minnesota's golden boy Kris Lindahl.

I pass a handful on I-94 between Rogers and Monticello and an equal number on Highway 10 between Monticello and St. Cloud. I've learned to tune them out. But about a month ago, I noticed side-by-side billboards for Kris Lindahl on I-94 near St. Michael. "Does the billboard company not realize they just sold Kris Lindahl billboard space next to one of his own billboards?" I thought to myself. "Surely, that's a mistake."

Perhaps it's not a mistake, afterall.

A photo posted to the Minnesota thread of Reddit by Reddit user u/pastramiandpickle reveals what may be the infamous realtor's latest stunt -- double Lindahl billboards. "Why Kris... Why?" reads the photo's caption.

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The photo in question reveals two Kris Lindahl billboards -- in an undisclosed location -- stacked one on top of another.

"When one Kris just isn't enough," drawled one in the post's comment section.

"I wish they were next to each other," joked another. "We could have Kris Lindahls holding hands across the state."

"Must have been a 2 for 1 sale," joked a third.

"I heard his family owns the billboard company that rents these and have put his ads in all the unrented spaces," theorized one.

"On the way home from Duluth a few months ago my wife and I counted 18 Kris Lindahl billboards," added another.

Whatever the reason, you can't say Kris Lindahl hasn't given us something to laugh about -- like the time a St. Paul brewery trolled him...or the time the US Navy trolled him...or the time the Minnesota Sheriff's Association trolled him...

Read all the time's Kris Lindahl's been trolled here and check out the full Reddit post here.

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