Have you ever used the Northstar line to get to the Twin Cities? I haven't, but I've never had a need to use it. I know there is a park-and-ride nearby the station here for those who choose to use the rail line to get to work or a game in the cities, but I don't see too many cars using the park-and-ride lot on a regular basis. One Youtuber offers up the question of being the worst commuter rail line in America, but after riding will he stick with that opinion?

Thom from the channel Trains Are Awesome compares the Northstar Line to Metra in Chicago.

Some of the points Thom makes in the video are the lack of trains using the line. Only two trains a day are operating along the line going to and from the Twin Cities all the way to Big Lake.

Towards the end of the video, Thom does admit that he hasn't ridden all of the public train lines in the US so he has a hard time calling the Northstar line the worst. He did say that he had a positive experience of using the train, as compared to going back to where he started by bus.

Let's see what Yelp! has to say about the Northstar Line...

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Yelp user Mary B gave the Big Lake Station 2 out of 5 stars and said there isn't much to the station other than a place to wait for the train. Her review is from 2014, so some things may have changed but it doesn't seem that waiting for the train is too comfortable for many people in nearby Big Lake.

This is the end of the line for the Northstar Commuter train.  It is basically a park and ride lot.  There isn't much here to see other than stop to take the train.  It would be nice if there were a bathroom facility or a news paper stand even.  The train does have a bathroom, but when you are waiting and the train is running late, something would be nice.  There is a coach bus that comes from St Cloud to meet every train.  It is a nice way to get from St Cloud to Minneapolis or vise versa during the week.

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