We are still dealing with this pandemic "stuff" in Minnesota.  There's a mitigation that continues, to a lesser degree than earlier, but still there.  We are still dealing with some distance learning situations, but some of that is changing too.  So many things have been canceled.  Basically, anything that would involve a crowd of people inside or outside has been canceled. And as to what is going to happen this year is still up in the air.  No one really knows quite yet.  But we are hopeful.

The restrictions that we have in Minnesota have prompted people to want to move.  I have heard several people talk about that possibility. They have also gone on family vacations to South Dakota where they have no restrictions. Schools are also completely open there.  This is what prompted one Minnesota family, in particular, to move to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

KARE 11 ran this story about a family from Lakeville that has 3 daughters.  All 3 girls have some special needs as far as their schooling goes.  The distance thing just wasn't cutting it.  So, they made the decision to move to South Dakota so their girls could be in school, in-person school full time.

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Does this seem like an extreme idea- to uproot your family and move them for a temporary situation?  It seemed like the right thing to do for their family.  Their girls are thriving now in their new school and it was absolutely the right thing to do for their family.

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You may be in a similar situation... would you move your family somewhere to have no restrictions?

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