Talk about a dumb law! Did you know, according to Lolwot, it's illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota? It's one of those laws that's impossible to enforce...but, somehow it's still on the books. It's a law from way way back in the old days. But, why was it ever something that needed to be written into law in the first place?

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That's a great question. I did some research (fierce Google searching) and found a pretty legitimate answer--at least good enough for me from random commenters online. I've heard a similar explanation from my peers as well. While we can't find an official source online to explain why, we're leaving the explaining to people from chatrooms around the internet (so, take it with a grain of salt).

The alleged reason for the weird law is because if there's a fire in the middle of the night while you're sleeping, the public doesn't want to see your naked butt outside. Think of the children. It's really a safety issue.

Now, this assumes you don't have any time to wake up and throw some clothes on or at least a robe...and in an emergency situation, you might just choose to flea your home in your birthday suit.

Plus, just think how cold it would be in the wintertime. Freezing cold temperatures and your bare skin really wouldn't mix well.

So, is it really illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota? I mean, probably not. When is the last time you heard of someone getting arrested for that? But, it's interesting to know where that dumb law may have come from.

Miguel Valdespino wrote on Quora, "I tend to keep a pair of pants and slip-on shoes right next to my bed in case of emergency."

That's a good enough reason for me to choose to keep my clothes on at night...even though it does get pretty hot in July.

Do you know of a different reason for the dumb law? If you do, share it with us in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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