We're having a heatwave, and Mother Nature isn't showing any signs of turning down the temperatures anytime soon. Usually, this type of heat is reserved for the dog days in late July and August. Instead, Minnesota is getting record-setting heat before summer officially starts on June 20th. It is so hot in our state right now, that it is causing roads to buckle.

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The buckling of pavement is caused by the sun's heat warming the pavement to be much hotter than the air temp. When things get hot they expand, and the pavement has nowhere to go but up and it eventually buckles under the expansion pressure.

MnDOT issued a warning to motorists to never drive on pavement buckles and call 911 if they encounter one. That way law enforcement can get out to the scene and make sure other motorists don't drive over it, and MnDOT can be notified of the section that needs to be fixed.

If heat trends continue as they have been, we are likely to see more of these buckling situations. MnDOT also reminds motorists to be patient with other drivers and road crews working to fix the buckle. It's an unexpected project that will undoubtedly cause delays. Slow down, be aware of your surroundings, and drive safe.

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