When it comes to picturesque places or "Insta-worthy" as we call it these days, Minnesota has many beautiful places that qualify.


From our National Parks to incredible Waterfalls and scenic landscapes. There's so much that's worthy. Not to mention some of the sculpture parks that have incredible sights to see as well.




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The list was put together by photo company Storyboards. They identified American landscapes that generated the most hashtags. Lake Superior came in at Number Four on the list of the most popular landscapes on Instagram with 1,157,663 hashtags. Lake Superior beat out Waikiki Beach at Number Six!

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Right now a lot of people are trying to get a good glimpse of the Northern Lights.  Lake Superior has been a perfect place to see them in the past.

Lake Powell and the Mojave Desert fell just inside the Top 10. The Number One most popular landscape on Instagram is Lake Tahoe.


Here’s the complete ranking in order from Bring Me The News:

  1. Lake Tahoe with 2,986,225 hashtags
  2. Lake Michigan with 2,788,904 hashtags
  3. Clearwater Beach with 1,298,877 hashtags
  4. Lake Superior with 1,157,663 hashtags
  5. Lake Ontario with 1,007,124 hashtags
  6. Waikiki Beach with 969,640 hashtags
  7. Lake Norman with 640,978 hashtags
  8. Lake Huron with 560,434 hashtags
  9. Lake Powell with 456,329 hashtags
  10. Mojave Desert with 429,066 hashtags

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