There are very few bands in the history of rock-n-roll that have made the impact on the genre that The Rolling Stones have. Mick Jagger’s roaring vocals and showmanship alongside Keith Richard’s legendary guitar riffs make for an incredible combination.

The Stones recently announced a pretty extensive eight leg world tour. Personally, I find that pretty astonishing considering they’ve been a band for 57 years. Most popular groups don’t even make it to 40 years together, let alone keep up with such demanding tour dates.

However, Keith Richards recently announced that the upcoming Stones tour could quite possibly be the last. With the number of famous rock bands and legendary artists retiring in the near future, it wouldn’t be surprising to the Rolling Stones follow suit.

If you’re looking to see them one last time you’ll likely have to travel to Chicago to see them unfortunately, as they haven’t booked any dates for Minnesota yet and that’s the closest they will be. They’re playing two dates at Solider Field in Chicago on June 21st and June 25th.

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