With many people, it's either Coke or Pepsi -- Democrat or Republican -- iPhone or Android -- love the Packers or hate the Packers. It's one or the other. There is no sitting on the fence with these things.

It's the same with Kentucky Fried Chicken -- you're either an "Original Recipe" or "Extra Crispy" person.

I'm an "Original Recipe" guy. So when I saw this, I did get a little excited. I love fried chicken anyway, so if I can make my own KFC-type chicken, I'm definitely down with that. Besides, I really enjoy cooking sometimes.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has kept their "Original Recipe" ingredients very close to the vest since it's inception. Sure, we know that it has eleven herbs and spices. But what are the actual herbs and spices? And even if we did know that -- exactly how much of each ingredient are unknown. Or are they?


I haven't given this a shot yet but I do plan on doing it next time I make some homemade fried chicken. My mouth is watering already.


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