ST. CLOUD -- Central Minnesota families had the opportunity to learn about construction with a holiday-themed twist this weekend.

The Stearns History Museum, Morrison County Historical Society, and Rethos: Places Reimagined teamed up for a class called Gingerbread Architecture: The Sweet Elements of Design on Saturday.

Stearns History Museum Exhibits and Collections Curator Eric Cheever says the interactive workshop was designed to teach kids basic building skills and terms through gingerbread houses.

I have a small vocab list, so they're going to learn some basic building terms, and they're going to learn how to keep walls from falling down, and what makes a strong joint, that sort of thing.

Cheever says the hope is also to inspire the next generation to preserve historical sites.

The role of Rethos is about sustainability. It's about preserving and maintaining older buildings into the future, as opposed to tearing them down and building new. And I think that if we can just get kids interested in architecture and building, all the better.

The event was the second in the two-class series, with the first held at the Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Museum in Little Falls in November.

The three historical organizations host a variety of classes for kids and adults each year.

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