Crocs.  I still just don't understand why in the world anyone would wear these stupid shoes (except while gardening). Can we even call them shoes?  Dumb.  I get the thing that "they are SO comfortable" but I feel like there has got to be some other pair of shoes that would be comfortable and not quite this stupid looking. But anyway, now the band KISS has jumped on this bandwagon.

You can now own your very own pair of KISS Crocs.  Maybe this is actually the perfect band for these shoes.  Gimmicky band on some sort-of gimmicky shoes.  There- maybe it's a great concept!

I don't think it's any secret that I think that KISS is one of the most overrated bands ever.  If you are a fan of KISS- I do get it.  A few of their songs are kind of catchy, but mostly I just give props to Gene Simmons for being a genius as far as marketing goes.  Good on ya' Gene!

Would you wear these things?

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