My grandpa is a pretty talented guy. He’s been into woodworking since he was a teenager, and it definitely shows. He can basically make anything he wants, from cabinets to desks and tables. One of his favorite hobbies lately has been making “Gnome Castles” for my grandma.

She’s into gardening and planting flowers, and is always looking for ways to decorate her gardens. Naturally, she puts her husband to work anytime she needs a new decoration, and her items of choice are usually “Gnome Castles.” They’re actually pretty cool. He usually hollows out a small log and installs doors and windows into his various gnome accessories.

It gets pretty detailed. Personally, I wish I was that good with my hands, but I’m just not. So, I’m looking into a class that’s going on tonight (April 19th) called “Sculpt Your Own Fairy House.” Its taking place at Art As You Like It in Waite Park from 6 pm to 8 pm, and you’ll be shown how to make these nifty little decorations. You can register now for $30.

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