It's been an unfortunate situation that the world has been dealing with over the last several weeks. The Coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to the majority of public gatherings, not just in the United States, but world wide. We Minnesotans, unfortunately are not immune (no pun intended) to the effects of the virus.

I know with spring in the air and summer on the way, many of us were looking forward to concert season here in the land of 10,000 lakes. One of my personal favorite venues is Pioneer Place on fifth here in St. Cloud. I've seen several incredible performances there and plan on seeing several more once life as we know it goes back to normal.

However, like many other venues due to the current circumstances, Pioneer Place is going to be postponing a handful of concerts until further notice. They are listed below.

- Davina and the Vagabonds

- Monroe Crossing

- Mick and The Stones

- John Cougar Mellancamp Tribute - Small Town

- The songs of Emmylou Harris by Mary Jane Alm

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