ST. CLOUD -- With the 2020 census just a month away, local organizations are reminding residents the importance of this once-a-decade head count.

The St. Cloud Area League of Women Voters held an event Wednesday at the St. Cloud Public Library.

Lolly Loomis is the President of the League of Minnesota Voters St. Cloud Area. She says this event is about getting the public educated.

One of the biggest things about the census that would register with people is the amount of federal the state and local government receives is based on the number of people in a certain area.

Loomis says residents will start seeing census information coming to them in mid-March. She adds one of the big challenges with the census is counting the people who don't have a permanent place of residence.

Students, which are big in this area, how do they know where they are counted. Homeless is another one, they take three days where they go into the streets where their goal is to get as many of the homeless registered with the census.

Loomis says this year residents can submit their information online, but if you don’t complete it in a timely manner that’s when you will hear from the door knockers.

Starting in May there will be census workers coming door to door to get the information from people who didn't respond, or responded but the information was incomplete.

Loomis says the Census Bureau will never use your personal information and all answers are anonymous.

The United States began counting the entire population through a census since 1790.

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