That's right. It's 487 degrees below zero this morning, so I'm going to talk about summer. And biking. And hiking. And all things warm.

Did you know (I did not know) that the longest paved trail in the entire United States is right here in Minnesota? The Paul Bunyan State Trail is paved for about 120 miles from Brainerd to north of Bemidji.

Along the way you'll pass through forests, alongside lakes (bring your fishing gear) and even have a chance to stop and check out some local shops and restaurants. And if you're really planning to put on some miles, you could book a hotel room or campsite along the way!

The trail terrain ranges from flat and open to hilly, and perfect for just about any level of bike rider. There are bike rentals and shuttles as well. Click here for all the info. 

By the way, even though I said I was only going to talk about warm weather, the Paul Bunyan Trail is pretty awesome for snowmobiling too.


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