Dr. Andrew Myers, a doctor who has been at the forefront of SARS-CoV-2 research, spoke with me yesterday about a key vitamin cocktail that can seriously boost up your immunity to help your body put up a good fight for cold and flu season, as well as Covid-19.

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Dr. Myers stated that he’s surprised that there hasn’t been a push from the CDC and other organizations that we all have a social responsibility to be as healthy as we can be, whether or not we are Republican or Democrat, whether or not we want vaccines or not. There are some inexpensive ways to help build your own immune system, and although it can’t prevent you from getting a virus, it CAN boost your immune system to help you better deal with anything that comes your way.


Studies have shown that serious COVID-19 issues, along with cold and flu symptoms have been linked to deficiencies in vitamins D and K2. According to Dr. Myers, it’s a pretty simple combination. These 2 key essential vitamins work very well together to help you build up your immune system, and they are pretty inexpensive and readily available in stores everywhere.


Dr. Myers wasn’t pushing any specific brands. He said these are easily available to everyone and can cost you less than $10 dollars a month to really help you boost your immune system.
Dr. Myers and Dr. Grace McComsey have written a short book called “Simplifying The COVID Puzzle.” The book uses science-based evidence to explore the benefits of immunity-boosting of the human body.
I asked Dr. Myers if there were other vitamins I should be taking, to further help boost immunity. He suggested Vitamin D and K2, along with vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium. I already take D and Magnesium, but if taking the others will help build immunity, why wouldn’t I do it?
For those of you who want to read more in-depth information, the book was written so that anyone can understand how this information can help anyone, especially as we enter the holiday season with increased social interaction.
The book specifically lays out how Vitamin D and K2 work specifically to help our bodies, why it’s important to boost our immunity post-COVID, and how to focus on our own physical wellness, in order to create a healthier self.


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