As I look at my aging dog, I know that the time is not that far away that I may have to make that difficult decision.  And it is so hard to know.... like yesterday.  He was alert, ate all his food, was running around like a happy little pup.  Today was a totally different story.  Pukeage right away this morning and a complete 180 from what yesterday was looking like.

Laura Bradshaw

Days like this morning make me think a bit more about 'Is the time near'?  I really don't like even thinking about that, but it's part of any life... dog's or person's.

I ran across this article.  And it is so true... although I haven't experienced it first hand, as of yet.  I know it's coming sooner than later.  I have lost people in my life, and I actually can now imagine it happening to my little pupper.

Have you lost a pet? Do you get another one?


Do you wait a certain amount of time?  I know people who never get another dog, and I also know people who go and get another one almost immediately... and also some in between.

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