Hip-hop, rap, whatever you want to call it, was coming into its golden age in the early to mid 90s. It had never sounded so good -- so cool -- so hip. And the nightclubs were turning up their boomin' systems as a result.

Naughty By Nature "Hip Hop Hooray"

I cannot emphasize enough how big this song was in the 90s nightclub scene. If you were there, then you saw a jam-packed club with everyone's arms swaying back and forth.


Onyx - "Slam"

Yep, the title sums it up perfectly. This song slammed in the clubs and then you never really heard from Onyx again.


Janet Jackson - "That's The Way Love Goes"

It wasn't just hip-hop music that was big, R&B was also huge during the 90s club scene. Janet Jackson had come out with her new album "Janet" and it was tailor-made for it. Multiple tracks off the album were big not only in the club but mainstream radio as well.


Snow - "Informer"

If could actually knew the words and could sing (rap) to it -- Then you listen to Snow way too much. The rest of us sure had fun dancing to it.


K7 - "Come Baby Come"

A lot of subtle and not so subtle sexual innuendo songs permeated in 1993. This was not that subtle. When it comes to this song, I will always remember the lyric "Swing batta batta batta batta batta swing!"

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