As someone who has been to The Red Carpet in St. Cloud on numerous occasions, whether it was for a concert or just a fun night out with friends, I can honestly say this isn't something that I ever saw coming. I literally live just a couple blocks away from it, which makes this even more unsettling given the proximity.

Unfortunately, a young man, 29 years of age, was stabbed to death earlier this morning. The St. Cloud Police Department responded to the incident at roughly 1:26 A.M. The stabbing was apparently the result of an altercation which happened inside The Red Carpet. There are a couple of photos and videos of the young man laying outside of the club online (viewer discretion advised.)

The man was taken to the St. Cloud hospital following the incident but unfortunately died after arriving. According to officials, there are no suspects available at the present moment. His identity has not yet been released. If you have any information regarding this event, please contact the St. Cloud Police Department.

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