Sometimes I wish I was more apt to embarrassing my wife in public.

A few weeks back, while walking through Target with my wife, I began belting out the lyrics to John Mellencamp's "Jack & Diane": "SUCKIN' ON CHILI DOGS OUTSIDE THE TASTY FREEZE, DIANE SITTIN' ON JACKY'S LAP, GOT HIS HANDS BETWEEN HER KNEES!" "Stop!" my wife scolded me in an embarrassed half-whisper. "What are you singing?" "Just some John Mellencamp," I replied, laughing. I continued to burst out singing at random; my wife just continued walking, ignoring me.

I don't embarrass my wife in public often; she embarrasses easily, and I'm not cruel like that. But occasionally I feel spunky and like to do something uncharacteristic to try to get a rise out of her. Which is why I so appreciate this video getting attention online right now of a man cat-calling his wife at Target. Fairly innocent, it's the type of public prank I have an appreciation for and could see myself doing.

The man in question is social media funny-man Luke Goddard. With 21.4k followers on Instagram and over 304k followers on TikTok, he's got a pretty good following of people who enjoy his goofy content and antics. In the video, his wife appears to be waiting outside Target with a cart filled with purchases. Goddard, in his car, begins cat-calling as he passes in front of her, presumably to pick her up. What people don't realize is that they're married, which makes the interaction between the two even funnier.

"Whooo! Who's that girl?" he calls out his driver side window. "Good night, she's good-looking!" His wife begins laughing and tries to hide her face in embarrassment. "Oh my gosh!" he continues. "Can you get in my car? Can I take you home?" She continues laughing, waving her hand as if asking him to stop. The video ends with the ultimate revenge. As she loads the groceries into the vehicle, he says "Woowee, I ain't buying all that, though. You buying that." "You already did," she replies, giggling.

The video's racked up nearly 220k views on TikTok with another 651.5k views on Youtube. Follow Luke Goddard on social media for more hilarious videos.

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