Every town could use someone like Stick Man, a local icon in Lakeville, Minnesota. With the world in dire shape lately, Stick Man is a solid positive force in his community.

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I first heard about Stick Man a few years ago and was reminded of him last night when I saw this on MN Crime Watchers Facebook page and decided to find out more about this guy.


Stick Man, who doesn't really want his real identity out there and prefers to be known only as Stick Man.  Super heroes are like that!

According to hometownsource.com, Stick Man made his debut about 15 years ago when he got bored with just hanging out on the couch at home. He decided to go for a walk around town and was invigorated by all the positivity from other people.

“I got out and walked and I had so much fun,” Stick Man said. “A few people said ‘Hi, how are you?’ and it just made my day.”

Somewhere along the line, he started carrying a stick that he uses to wave at people. “The stick is an extension of my arm for waving,” Stick Man said. “If I’m tired and can’t get my arm all the way up, my stick does the work for me.”

Stick Man's attire usually consists of, let's just say the bare minimum for whatever the weather may be. He wears his hair long and has a beard and, of course, a big smile. Stick Man says he hasn't had a haircut or shaved for several years. “The last time I went in, I wasn’t happy with the haircut I got, so I just quit,” Stick Man said.

Lakeville resident, Lynda Harder is a big fan, “The kids all know him,” she said. “Everybody knows him. He’s super, super nice,” Harder said. “I just adore him. I really don’t know that much about him, but he lifts people’s hearts. People just enjoy seeing him. … He’s the big talk of the town.”

Stick Man loves Lakeville and it certainly seems Lakeville loves Stick Man.

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