The last time this iconic sign in Minneapolis lit up was in 1991 and cost a fortune to illuminate. The sign is finally lighting again in December. Here are the details...

According to the Start Tribune, August Schell Brewing re-purchased the 50×40 foot Grain Belt sign and the land it sits on, located on Nicollet Island. The sign was built in 1941, and was turned off for good in the early 1990’s. It wasn’t always at it’s current location. Originally the sign was above the Marigold Ballroom on Nicollet Avenue until 1950, for being moved to Nicollet Island.

The plan was to re-light the sign with LED bulbs instead of neon tubes that have always been installed in the sign. The new LED bulbs have now been installed and the original holes of the sign weren't disturbed, which was a big concern in order to have the sign be part of the National Register of Historic Places. The lighting ceremony is set to happen on December 30th.

They are also currently selling the historic bulbs that were in the sign before the new LED bulbs were installed. This news was announced a couple days ago in a Facebook post:

Here's what the sign will look like when it's finally lit again at the end of December.

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